About apstar

Comparing the listings of licence holders to those actually on the air indicates there may be a couple of fundamental problems contributing to lack of activity. It’s common for licence holders to drift away or for those newly licenced to never take full advantage of their privileges. APSTAR – Atlantic Provinces Support Team for Amateur Radio has been created to extend a helping hand to those newly licenced who may feel overwhelmed by all the possibilities of establishing even a modest station.

APSTAR through a combination of online sessions and personal one on one time will offer assistance to get you on the air and grasp the aspects of amateur radio you desire. It’s inevitable online interactions will lead to personal interactions so hopefully the combination of personal and electronic Elmering (mentoring) will result in the enthusiastic embrace of all amateur radio has to offer.

APSTAR is not associated with any club or organization and has come together solely to provide an avenue between those enjoying the hobby and the newly licenced. There are no dues, no members and APSTAR participation is limited to amateurs and aspiring amateurs resident in the Atlantic provinces.

Online interactions will be through an email group on Groups.io that you can join where you’ll receive notices of upcoming sessions and other group discussions. It’s a place to post your questions to the group as well.

You can join the APSTAR Users Group by

  1. visiting https://groups.io/g/apstar and creating an account
  2. or sending a blank email to apstar+subscribe@groups.io